Discount CZK 500,- ? Sure!

We have a pleasant surprise for you. If you spend over CZK 3000,- in our club you will receive a discount CZK 500,-. And believe us that is not a problem in the Neon Club. Not that we are that expensive, but because you will enjoy yourself this much.

What does the discount mean in reality? From 12 to 20 o'clock 1 hour could cost you a very friendly price CZK 1100,- with free jacuzzi on top of that. Or you take a friend, two beautiful girls (our girls of course!), drinks and lock yourself in our whirlpool. One hour later your bill will be only CZK 2500,-. From 20 to 5 o'clock 1 hour at the room could cost you nice CZK 2000,-. And we dare to think that it is not a bad offer, acctually we think it is a great offer and you should go for it right away!  

Our staff is looking forward to your visit, for our staff Veronika, Miška, Týna, Martina, Laura, Jenifer, Lili, Sandra, Wendy, Kristýna, Monika, Pavlínka, Lucinka, Valerie, Dominika, Alenka, Sára, Čiči, Sharon, Andy, Caroline, Linda, Veronika, Jana a Nikola...